Happy Anniversary – 5 years AMORPH.aero @ Frankfurt airport


Fraport AG

Times goes by and some things get outdated, other more mature. We are happy to go into the 5th year with operational decision support for Frankfurt airport terminal operations.

Since the beginning, the product of Amorph Systems was a turn-key solution for Fraport AG and the participating stakeholders like Security companies and Federal Police, responsible for security and border control at Frankfurt airport.

Running in the Frankfurt Operations Center, the Heart of the Airport, it provides continuously updated forecasts on the passenger flow throughout the whole airport. The forecasted demand  is  therefore correlated with all relevant parameters and inter-dependencies between process points to get dynamic predictions and KPI´s. This enables Terminal Operations to steer passenger flows and set-up corrective actions before problems occur.


The good relationship between Amorph Systems and Fraport AG leads to continuous enhancements of the existing solution, covering value adding integration like the implementation of retail behavior into the forecast model.

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There are more things to come, so stay tuned and we will keep you informed!

AMORPH.aero @ Helsinki airport

Amorph Systems is delighted to announce the installation of its AMORPH.aero suite, currently running in pilot mode, at Helsinki Airport together with operating authority Finavia.

Helsinki airportFinavia decided to develop its operational passenger flow prediction capabilities to improve transparency of the day of operations. Therefore, Finavia is trialing the AMORPH.aero platform to see how the Frankfurt airport proofed solution can help to support operational processes at Helsinki airport as well.


The Product

AMORPH.aero platform can enhance the operational collaborative processes and help to handle future growth in passenger volumes by using existing capacity efficiently through pro-active decision making. Therefore AMORPH.aero takes all relevant data and updates into account and uses agent-based simulation technologies to provide accurate demand forecasts for operations. By integrating frequently used operational decisions, these can be tested by what-if scenarios before applying them to live systems and resource disposition.

We will be happy to present a more detailed project description soon on our webpage and within one of our future releases of the Newsletter.

Starting Newsletter from Amorph Systems

Dear Reader,

we all know, that in our days there are tons of digital information by mail and social networks we all are getting overwhelmed with. Nevertheless, we, from the Amorph Systems team, decided to set up a regular newsletter. The intension is, to inform you about our latest projects, developments and thoughts around the aviation industry – because we believe it´s worth talking about!

The rising focus of airports and airlines in data analytics and collaborative data sharing showed us, that we hit the mark, when we first introduced our innovative operational passenger flow forecasting solution, together with Frankfurt airport authority, FRAPORT AG, back in 2011.  This extremely successful project showed us the importance to combine latest state of the art technologies with business needs of airports to maximize their capacity and profitability.

During the past years we realized how the industry changed in matters of data preparation and collaborative approaches, which established the ground to serve with our solution a platform for the future demand of terminal decision making.

Beside the strong focus on the aviation industry within this newsletter, Amorph Systems is also active in other branches like manufacturing and production. Thereby we will include from time to time some highlights from this area as well.

We hope you will like our newsletter and find the information useful.

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