Advanced Airport Solutions by Amorph Systems


Solutions  is the best Operational Decision Support software tool, providing Real-Time Passenger Forecasts to optimize your daily business to handle every day changes. Tailored to your individual needs and requirements we have the aim to build the best solution for your airport.  Based on Real-Time passenger flow forecast that is updated every 5 minutes (24 hours/day 7/7 days) this can be used in a proactive manner to allow efficient and effective ways to utilize your resources.  With the ability to integrate all required data, provided by other software applications, decisions can be validated by using WHAT IF scenarios to test the effect of changes made on the current operational readiness. This supports all operational stakeholders as our solution can be used as a collaborative platform to display all relevant processes and their forecasted status, optimizations and information delivery. And the best of all, caused to the modular shape can be used for operations as for planning departments as well.

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What is™ ?

Proactive passenger flow forecasting and resource allocation management system

What does it do?

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What benefits does™ bring to an airport?

Options to influence passenger flow, to avoid having a critical situation:


Still not convinced by™…

✔ No other out-of-the-box solution on the market matching the performance requirements

✔ 80% – 90% prediction accuracy compared to reality

✔ Up to 1 sec/h simulation speed

✔ System running 24/7 for the last year without any failure and external intervention at Frankfurt Airport

✔ Cutting edge technologies

– Multi threaded environment (Same process multiple threads)

– Distributed processing (Distribute over several computers)

– GPGPU – General Programming of Graphical Processing Units

– Efficiently solve event synchronization problems


“Without this solution we weren’t be able to manage the summer peak 2011 in the way we did: without any mayor problems in the terminal and without immoderate waiting times for the passengers at the checkpoints !!!”

Frankfurt Airport Terminal Management


… and July 2011 was the busiest month ever at FRA with over 5,5 Mio passengers !!!

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