Advanced Airport Solutions by Amorph Systems

Passenger Flow Analysis

Passenger Flow Analysis™ is a robust, highly available and scalable IT system for passenger flow and resource allocation analysis and management. Used for intra-day operations, it provides high accuracy passenger flow forecast (even reaching 98% linear regression fit accuracy) in a very fast execution time (computes under 1 minute full airport forecast for the next 24 hours).

The system supports in a proactive instead of reactive management of problems in passenger flow. While measurement systems and CCTV allows identifying big queues and long waiting times only after they appeared,™  identifies the appearance of the problems before they happen.

Using input information from the existing airport operational IT systems,™ generates a very detailed and highly accurate forecast of the passenger flow, generates automatic warnings identifying where the problems will occur in the next hours, allowing a long reaction time to take preventive measures.

The forecast for the next hours is executed continuously, always using the current situation in the airport, any change being reflected in minutes in the updated forecast. This applies for both changes in the flight schedule (e.g. delays in arrivals or departures), as well as preventive or corrective measures taken to avoid problems (e.g. changes in the gates or resource allocations).

Since the optimal solution is not always clear, the decision makers can perform “what-if” scenarios, executing validation forecasts before deciding to take a specific measure.