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Planning Studio – Services

Planning Studio – Services

Although the solution is easy and straightforward to use, we provide you professional services to bring you up-to-speed in using the Planning Studio.


We provide on-demand training, tailored to your needs! We explain you the system features and demonstrate several use cases, based on your real airport case.


Our consulting team, with many years of practical experience in airport operations, is ready to work together with you in planning, analysis and problem solving related to terminal operations planning.


Our experts are also available to provide you remotely immediate support, in case you face issues in your daily planning work with

Integration with different airport IT systems

The system can be easily integrated with other IT systems. We can set up joint projects to integrate with other systems in your IT landscape, e.g. for automatically loading flight schedules from AODB, resource allocation from RMS or export results to RMS or reporting systems.

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