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Planning studio – Technical Details

Planning studio – Technical Details

The Planning Edition is available as planning application on any computer. You just need to download and install the application, the Terminal Planning Studio is then ready to support you.
The Studio allows you to create, edit and evaluate planning Projects. A project can represent the whole airport terminals or just parts of the terminal infrastructure (e.g. the check-in area in Terminal 1). takes into account the exact terminal layout and comes with an easy, but very accurate, on-scale, multi-level terminal model editor. It’s very simple and fast to create your terminal model. In just a few hours of modeling your airport is ready for planning.

The editor comes with support for all necessary types of passenger service points (e.g. security check, border control, boarding-pass control) and passenger transportation systems (e.g. elevators, automated stairs, shuttles). You can specify different distributions (e.g. Weibull, Normal) for simulation parameters (process times, walking speed, arrival rate…), passenger numbers and transfers. The system allows you to provide as input the given personnel resource allocation at process points, if available.

The process model allow you to easily define the percentages of passenger using the CUSS kiosk, manual counters or mobile device for getting the boarding passes, as well as the percent of passengers using the self-service bag drop. Same model allows you to specify the behavior in the terminal, especially regarding shopping or usage of restaurants and other facilities.

Terminal Simulation Model Editor

Figure 1 – Terminal Simulation Model Editor

The core of solution is the detailed passenger flow simulation engine, proven to be the fastest available on the market. It executes with high speed (aprox. 1 min for a whole peak day with over 100.000 passengers per day) the agent-based passenger behavior-oriented pedestrian simulation model of your airport.
You can execute the simulation either in background (running several simulations in parallel) or in foreground, allowing you to visualize the simulated passenger flow and understand the passenger behavior.
The simulation considers changing capacity at service points, based on staff schedule. The adaptive resource capacity takes into account given SLAs (e.g. maximum 10 minutes waiting time at process points).

Simulation Execution and Animation

Figure 2 – Simulation Execution and Animation

In order to compare different planning scenarios you can easily create scenarios within the built layout of your terminal. There you can import a new or edit an existing flight plan, as well as flight transfer tables or resource allocation for check-points.

 Flight Plan Editor

Figure 3 – Flight Plan Editor

Detailed reports support you in understanding the analysis results. The systems comes with passenger flow report, resource utilization and resource demand, waiting time and queue sizes, at each process point. Detailed process interdependencies and connection reports are also available. We continuously add new reports, based on our customer feedback!

Simulation Results Analysis

Figure 4 – Simulation Results Analysis