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Planning Studio

Planning Studio

Compared to other industries, Airport Planning is a complex process. Due to the huge amount of different stakeholders, from governmental institutions, security companies, retailers and of course the airlines, it is not easy to set-up common processes. The airport operators aim to create a smooth passenger flow and, as a result out of this, an enhanced passenger experience at the airport. Thus they have to be the brace, coordinating all relevant steps. In the past, the existing tool-sets to support planners have been either very complex in the usage or were not able to represent all required capabilities to implement the passenger behavior.

The new easy-to-use out-of-the-box planning solution optimally supports your daily work as an airport operations planner. It allows you, between others, to evaluate changes in your terminal infrastructure in order to support the increasing number of passenger, determine optimal number, location and position of passenger process points, identify the ideal passenger flow to maximize your retail revenues, generate the long-term resource planning, identify optimal stand and gate allocation from the transfers point of view, etc…

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