Flow Operations

AMORPH.aero Flow Operations: Real-Time Passenger Flow Forecasts To Mitigate The Impact Of Dynamic Changes

Airport Operations is an extremely vivid environment that is confronted with permanent
changes. Flights are delayed, passengers do not show up, resources are not available as they
should, elevators break down. At an airport nearly every day is different. Therefore, airport
operations managers need to have the information at hand in order for them to take the
appropriate steps in keeping operations stable and the passenger experience at high levels.

This is why we built Flow Operations. With Flow Operations, the management of all
passenger flow check-points gets easy and foreseeable. No unforeseen queuing happens, as
Flow Operations takes all operational data into account and creates a predictive forecast for
the next hours ahead.

Having the AMORPH.aero simulation engine at the core, Flow Operations uses the
predictions in order to foresee upcoming queues based on live flight schedules, actual
passenger numbers or real transfer figures.

Flow Operations is able to produce:

  • Waiting time / queue size prediction;
  • Actions: passenger routings, flight delays, gate closing and other in a sand-box approach;
  • What-if Scenarios;
  • Alerts & Notifications, Mobile app for notifying staff reallocation;
  • Real time KPIs based on the systems with which it is integrated.

Flow Operations can provide passenger number forecasts when live data is missing. Based on the historical data from the airport and machine learning algorithms, accurate predictions can be used when live data is unavailable.

Terminal Operations Management Features
Real-time AMS6 Interface
Real-time Local AODB interface
Real-time Pax load Prediction/Enhancement
Real-time Bags load prediction/enhancement
Real-time car parking prediction/enhancement
Real-time accompanying persons prediction
Basic prediction model editing (only 1 forecast model)
Extended Modelling Features
Custom flight attributes
Configurable KPIs and Dashboards
Extended prediction model editing
Event manager integration
Advanced Simulation Features
Ingest real-time PTMs
Ingest real-time BCBP scans
Operations Cockpit
What-ifs in operations cockpit
Simulation based flow calculation
PAX flow simulation model editing

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