Flow Planner

AMORPH.aero Flow Planner: Machine Learning To Bring Resource Planning At A New Level

Flow Planner is a powerful web-based module to better plan terminal resources such as staff for check-in, security and border control.

Flow Planner combines the unique capability to use the power of machine learning algorithms in order to perform high quality predictions together with a simulation engine which enables passenger flow calculations. The result: highly accurate calculations for resource demand and configurability for every KPI and parameter.

Based on the AMORPH.aero simulation engine, Flow Planner predicts the required amount of staff depending on agreed Service-Level-Agreements or determines potential queue times and queue sizes resulting from staff availability.
Amorph Systems products are developed with the agile method, directly alongside players in airport management, making them immediately functional and tailored to requirements. Nantes Airport is pleased to have chosen Amorph Systems to further improve its capacity for forecasting and simulating its resource requirements.
Eric Siret, Security Systems Manager

Nantes airport

Flow Planner is able to produce:

  • Resource / Staff Demand Forecasting
  • Comparison with previous days
  • Possibility to Integrate and display current flow measurements vs predicted demand
  • Waiting time / queue size prediction
  • Flow steering
  • What-if Scenarios
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Mobile app for notifying staff reallocation

With Flow Planner end-users are highly flexible in using various data sources, either uploaded or connected automatically. Flow planner comes with custom interfaces to incorporate data such as flight schedules from SITA-AMS6 or other AODB solution from the airport industry.

Planning Features
AMS6 Interface
Local AODB interface
Pax load prediction
Bags load prediction
Car parking prediction
Accompanying persons prediction
Alternative / what-if scenarios
Basic prediction model editing (only 1 forecast model)
Extended Modelling Features
Custom flight attributes
Configurable KPIs and Dashboards
Extended prediction model editing
Event manager integration
Advanced Simulation Features
Operations preview
What-ifs in operations preview
Simulation based flow calculation
PAX flow simulation model editing
Staff Ordering Features
Staff ordering

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