REAL-TIME INFECTION DETECTION & CONTAINMENT SYSTEM IDCS: Be Ready For The New Air Travel Future – An Automated, Pro-Active Detection System Is Needed!

Temperature checks may become the new norm. The IDCS Solution combines thermal cameras, airport/airline information and real-time communication to help airports mitigate operational impacts of COVID-19.

IDCS contains advanced capabilities for infection containment that go far beyond manual temperature screening:

  • IDCS supports manual and automated temperature screening at all steps throughout the passenger‘s journey (Arrival, Departure & Transfer).
  • IDCS enforces the IATA & ACI recommendations of a multi-layered approach to ensure bio-security at airports.
  • With IDCS, airport authorities can simulate the potential impacts, backtrack on the passenger journey and immediately minimize the potential infection spread.
  • The platform capabilities of IDCS ensure that also other bio-sensors (e.g. health parameter screening devices) can be included to further increase passenger and airport safety.


  • IDCS supports airports coming back to efficient operation.
  • The system helps ensure a safe passenger journey.
  • In case of an incident, IDCS allows for fast reaction times and instant prediction of consequences for containment measures.
  • With IDCS significant cost reductions can be reached through increased automation.
  • Finally, IDCS helps airports sustainably prepare for future pandemic situations.


  • High Temperature Detection
  • Location Determination
  • Point-2-Point Tracking
  • Area Closure RT-Simulation
  • Spread Estimation
  • Staff Alerting & Notification
  • Airport Operations Collaboration

IDCS Use Cases

Detection of a person with high temperature

Correlate standard security camera data with thermal camera data for security notification

Staff Notification

(Gate, Security, Medical)

Ingest flight and passenger details into IDCS

(e.g. Airport Operation Databases, Passenger Manifest, Flight Schedule, Check-in)

Combine high temperature event with airport information to prepare IROPS (Irregular Operation Scenarios)

Other potentially infected passengers; Spread Estimation; Affected Areas; Closure Effects

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