Planning Studio Planning Studio: A Fast-Time Simulation To Generate A Digital Twin For Your Airport

Simulating the Airport Terminal environment is used by planners and data scientists to test the layout of a building against operational processes. This is highly useful to evaluate changes and create scenarios for:

  • Capacity sizing based on layout changes
  • Impact of changing resource availability
  • Impact of parameter changes and identification of bottlenecks
  • Evaluation of changing passenger behaviour

Especially during this time of pandemic, when changes occur on a weekly basis regarding flights, passenger volumes and processes to apply, fast-time simulations are important to get quick insights and results.

Density reports show which areas of the airport will create bottlenecks according to social distancing rules and need an alternative coordination. Planning Studio provides comprehensive features dedicated for the development of airport models and to perform passenger flow simulations in airport facilities. Models built up in Planning Studio can be shared later by other Modules like e.g. Flow Planner and Flow Operations. Planning Studio is also available as a low- footprint standalone application to perform offline passenger flow simulations for resource and capacity planning.

Airport model editing (Terminal layout)
PAX flow simulation model editing
Offline PAX flow simulation
Airport capacity planning and resource sizing
Passenger flow visualization
Validation of terminal layout changes
"What-if" scenarios development

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