Make the move from Manual Planning to Capacity Planning

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Take your airport Capacity Planning to a new level with planX

Why planX?

For airport and terminal operators who want to minimize costs and disruptions due to uncertain demand by proactively planning and preparing for various scenarios Amorph’s planX Capacity Planning solution provides an easy to use, cost effective solution that is immediately available.

Who is it for?

  • Airport Planners
  • Airport Operations Managers
  • Security Staff Planners
  • Border Police (Staff planners)
  • Ground handlers (Check-In agent planners)
  • Airlines (Gate crews and service staff planners)

What is it for?

  • Quick and easy airport capacity planning
  • Check-point peak analysis
  • Check-point flow analysis
  • Queue time evaluation
  • Resource planning
100% risk-free. Guaranteed.


  • Access anywhere and anytime using an internet connection.
  • Subscribe online and immediately start analyzing capacity planning scenarios.
  • On any device available, no installation required
  • No CapEx costs – runs without any required implementation


Start with 3 simple steps:


Create a scenario by selecting the “Create first scenario” button and select a template.


Name your Scenario and edit the template with your desired Check Point parameters for:

1. Target: Area per person, Maximum Waiting Time and Queue Area

2. Process: Maximum number of available lanes and the Processing rate per lane

3. Show up profile: Normal, Instant, Uniform or Custom


Run the Scenario by selecting the “Calculate” button.



Evaluate the scenario results.

Check the KPIs at the top of the dashboard:

  • total number of passengers
  • maximum passenger inflow
  • maximum number of available lanes
  • maximum waiting time
  • maximum queue size.

Review the charts in the dashboard:

  • resource demand based on passenger inflow,
  • resource allocation: available lanes, missing lanes and the ideal allocation
  • predicted allocation with 15m, 30m and 1h time intervals
  • queue size and waiting time with 15m, 30m and 1h time intervals
  • waiting time and total waiting time with 15m, 30m and 1h time intervals
  • queue area demand based on passenger distancing


Review multiple potential scenarios.

Make an informed decision on allocation of resources, management of passenger flows and cost implications.

With planX you can:

  • Relieve stress for staff and passengers with informed capacity and level of service planning
  • Quickly obtain informed answers to what-if questions and be better prepared

As air travel has started to recover, airports are facing new challenges with resource planning, due to uncertain and fluctuating demand as well as reduced availability of staff and passenger processing resources. Added to that are requirements for social distancing and potentially additional processing points e.g.: for health checks.

A likely outcome is that service quality is impacted due to insufficient capacity and customer satisfaction deteriorates. Disruptions have a ripple effect, causing stress and affecting staff morale.

Existing alternatives to do manual planning and use spreadsheets with limited capability, are less effective under normal circumstances and even more so now due to the volatility of the situation. Much can be gained from structured and proactive scenario analysis and being well prepared for various possibilities.

100% risk-free. Guaranteed.

The Airport Capacity Planning challenge planX provides a solution!

planX features

Easy to use web application with simple inputs for defining resources, targets, capacity constraints and behavior profiles

Multiple templates for analysis of different process points

Easy input of various demand scenarios

Enables advanced assessment of multiple scenarios and proactive planning to avoid over- or under-allocation of resources

Find a way to avoid queues to reduce passenger discomfort /anxiety

Enable Level of Service planning

Runs in Microsoft Azure, accessible via the Microsoft Market Place

Web-based Cloud Application

KPI´s and Thresholds to identify bottlenecks

Import / Export functionality

The basic solution can be upgraded to enable:

  • Long-term planning
  • Simulation based Flow Analytics
  • End-to-end resource planning
100% risk-free. Guaranteed.



Affordable for small and mid-sized airports

Intuitive user interface requires no training

Deployed in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

Immediately available to end users without intervention

Option for automatic recognition and uploading of schedule data


Deployment and subscription

Subscribe and Go!

Runs on Microsoft Azure.
Integrated with Office 365.

Get started immediately!

After successful subscription start watching the training video and you can directly start building your first scenario.

Try before you buy!

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with a monthly subscription and no upfront investment. planX is ideal for small- and mid-size airports that have budget constraints.

100% risk-free. Guaranteed.

Join and grow your business.

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