Real-Time Unified Flight Updates System RUFUS: A Cloud Based Application To Help Airports Digitalize Their Operations

Fast reaction time is one of the most important things, especially in the current situation with more than usual daily changing parameters. Airport staff is either required to work from home or is completely laid off; and if flight operations still take place, working these days is completely different than in times before Covid-19. Therefore, Amorph Systems has built a rapid to deploy solution for real-time updates to help airports have access to data from everywhere. Installed in the Microsoft AZURE cloud, the solution can be made available in only a couple of days.

Especially small and medium airports can now leverage the advantage of RUFUS a modern IT solution to run their operations in a very cost-effective way.

Additionally, RUFUS can be applied to large airport groups thus managing multiple airports under one roof, as the solution is able to show all information and KPIs in a single view.

Now, during the Corona COVID-19 outbreak, we needed to extract live passenger data in combination with predicted values. Together with Amorph Systems we acted quickly and had this feature ready in only a few days for all relevant parties at Helsinki airport to support daily operations for handling the current situation.
Matti Lehto, Head of Process Development




  • The challenge is everywhere: One airport means many stakeholders which all need to keep informed.
  • In times like the COVID-19 crisis, real-time updates are even more important due to short-term cancelations and delays
  • If only 1 team, like a single groundhandler, is not in the loop, the entire system is not running properly.
  • Real-time updates for all parties need to be in place, especially when business is returning to airports.
  • The COVID-19 challenge: How to digitalize the airport information ideally tomorrow.


With RUFUS, end-users have the highest flexibility in using flight information and updating the system with own data sets. RUFUS comes with a live flight data interface and an intuitive user interface that can be accessed from any device.

RUFUS is for Airports, Ground Handlers, Refuelling and other under-wings, Rental car companies and Transport services like Taxis, Uber, limo, charter bus services.

Benefits of RUFUS

Live updates on flight status

Highlight changes from previous data

Flight data history

Alerts on exceptional situations

Web-based Cloud Application

Mobile friendly

Updates and Notifications in Real-time

Runs in Microsoft Azure, integrated with Office 365

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