On March 22, terrorist attacks at Brussels airport have been a sad and incomprehensible incident which caused a shock for all of us. I am still in deep thoughts to the effected relatives, friends and all citizens.

Working in the aviation industry we know that airports and aircrafts are suspected targets for terrorists which leads automatically to the discussion of the adequate safety and security measures.

Security standards like in Israel with several pre-controls and observations, are always seen as the highest standard to protect passengers in the airport environment. Currently this or at least some similar procedure is applied at Brussels airport for the time being. Other airports do currently not seem to have raised their security standards nor the responsible police units claim to require this. The 100% approach is not feasible. We all know that this can always happen again. But maybe it is the right time for every airport to challenge the own procedure together with the responsible governmental units according to possible improvements.

In the end this will be a very complicated assessment between security and continuous flow and capacity at airports. In any case it makes sense to proof how new security standards can be applied without loosing operability. By simulating these new procedures, this can help to get a clearer picture about the effects and results when new processes shall be integrated into the existing flow. We from Amorph Systems will be happy to help when it comes to analyzing future capacity at airports.

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