Amorph Systems and Veovo have formed a strategic partnership aimed at improving the management of passenger flow within airports and transportation hubs.

This collaboration integrates Amorph’s pioneering LiDAR perception technology with Veovo’s Intelligent Airport platform, offering airports enhanced accuracy and efficiency in monitoring people movement, occupancy and dwell times.  

LiDAR sensors use laser beams to map the surroundings and objects. Amorph’s perception software processes millions of sensor data points, enabling precise classification and anonymous tracking of individuals, objects, and vehicles within the area of view. This technology is particularly effective in measuring people flow in areas with high ceilings, large open areas, or where traditional 3D camera sensors fall short, such as outside spaces or where ceiling-mounted sensors are not an option. Amorph’s perception software works with any LiDAR vendor’s sensor and has significant advantages in deployment over other vendors or sensor types. 

The seamless integration of Amorph’s LiDAR perception technology with Veovo’s cloud-based people movement analytics platform and other sensors forms a dynamic passenger flow ecosystem. This hybrid approach liberates airports from being bound to one type of sensor or flow measurement device. Instead, they gain the flexibility to select the mix of sensor technologies, including LiDAR, that best align with their terminal architecture, infrastructure layout, business requirement and budget.  

With the accurate insights and predictions provided by the platform, operators can better understand when and how passengers show up and how they move through terminals and travel hubs, and how processes influence each other. This, in turn, allows them to make smarter decisions to implement efficiency improvements – from optimising gate allocations and lane opening plans to re-thinking and improving airport experiences. 

Veovo CEO James Williamson commented, “This partnership with Amorph underscores our mutual vision to revolutionise people movement analytics and transform experiences. Amorph is the recognised leader in LiDAR perception, and we are delighted to be able to offer their technology as an integrated component of our Intelligent Airport Platform.’ 

Amorph Managing Partner Laurentiu Maniu said. “I’m excited to announce our partnership with Veovo, forming an unrivaled combination of products and expertise in passenger flow management solutions. This technology collaboration, alongside Veovo’s global airport presence, will strengthen Amorph´s goal of delivering cutting-edge LiDAR solutions to operators of all sizes looking to improve journeys and streamline operations.” 


Veovo’s Intelligent Airport Platform is a new-generation total airport management system relied on by over 140 airports globally, including Sydney, Orlando, Oslo and Schiphol. Applications are available as stand-alone modules or integrated components, including AODB, Resource Management, Revenue Management, Passenger Flow Management and Forecasting. Together, these deliver the insights, predictions and join-up decisions to power up operational performance.  

Amorph Systems and Veovo will showcase their LiDAR and people flow management solutions with live demonstrations at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Frankfurt from April 16th to 18th 2024. 


Amorph Systems specializes in IT solutions for the air transport and high-tech manufacturing industry. Amorph Systems has recently launched AMORPH.senses, focusing on 3D perception solutions using LiDAR sensor data. This technology ensures GDPR-compliant tracking while addressing various airport challenges, from passenger flow, baggage, and queue detection to security analysis. A plug & play assembly kit and planning tool streamlines installations for quick insights and results.