In the bustling environment of Munich Airport’s Terminal C, the task of staff assignment at security checkpoints was a manual and labor-intensive process. Guards stationed in the gangway towards the checkpoint would manually distribute staff between ‘Security 1 – ETD’ and ‘Security 2 – Classic’ by hitting a button to randomly assign a security area. This method not only relied heavily on human intervention but also posed challenges in monitoring unauthorized access through the ID Secure door.

Munich Airport wished to improve this process and envisioned a seamless transition from manual to automated processes. Enter AMORPH.senses, an innovative solution that could be deployed to both automate and effectively monitor adherence to the procedure.  

The Automated Solution

The primary goal was to develop an automated system that could efficiently replace the tasks performed by the manual guard. With AMORPH.senses, individuals are tracked anonymously as they navigate the gangway and approach the security areas or the ID Secure door. A screen strategically placed in the gangway directs individuals to their designated security checkpoint, eliminating the need for manual assignment by guards.

AMORPH.senses ensures that individuals enter the correct security area or ID Secure door, sending alerts to staff members in case of unauthorized access or breaches. This automated solution not only streamlines the staff assignment process but also enhances security measures at Terminal C.

Challenges and Solutions

Transitioning from manual to automated processes presented several challenges, including:

  • Ensuring individuals pay attention to the assignment screen.
  • Establishing authority to ensure compliance with instructions.
  • Handling group dynamics and separating individuals for assignment.
  • Addressing mistakes or unauthorized behavior effectively.
  • Preventing individuals from tricking the system.

To overcome these challenges, Munich Airport implemented various strategies, such as:

  • Creating clear visual cues to attract attention to the assignment screen.
  • Using technology to establish authority and deliver instructions effectively.
  • Implementing measures to manage group behavior and enforce individual assignments.
  • Developing protocols to address mistakes or unauthorized access promptly.
  • Testing and refining the system to enhance accuracy and reliability.

Regular Flow and Special Permissions

The regular flow of individuals through the security checkpoint and ID Secure door is carefully monitored and managed by AMORPH.senses. Special permissions, such as those held by police, border control, or customs personnel, are seamlessly integrated into the automated process, ensuring smooth access while maintaining security standards.

Critical Touchpoints and Sensor Allocation

Critical touchpoints, such as the assignment screen and ID Secure door, are carefully designed and monitored to ensure optimal performance. Sensors track individuals throughout their journey, generating events and reports to document the process and identify areas for improvement.

Thank you for bringing this project – which is very important to us – to a very satisfactory result with the efficiency and sustainability we wanted. Since the last update, things have been running very reliably. So I can say with a clear conscience that you and your team have done a very good job and have left a very positive impression on us.
Mr.Florian Pohla
Group Security Division
Head of Quality Management- Munich Airport


The success story of Munich Airport’s Terminal C serves as a testament to the power of innovation and achieving enhanced operations with airport process automation. By embracing AMORPH.senses, Munich Airport has not only streamlined staff assignment and security monitoring but also set a new standard for efficiency and security in the aviation industry.

Are you inspired by Munich Airport’s transformation and interested in implementing a similar solution at your airport or facility? Contact our team today to schedule a consultation and discover how AMORPH.senses can revolutionize your operations. Let’s work together to create a safer, more efficient future for aviation.