On the 18th of September representatives from airports across Europe found their way to Stuttgart, for the first AMORPH.aero user group meeting which was held at the Amorph Systems Head office.

Amorph Systems welcomed users from airports of Helsinki, Nantes, Stuttgart and Zurich. The aim was to discuss the current and future developments of the AMORPH.aero products. There has been great exchange among these users on how to make the best out of our prediction platform in order to produce high quality results.

The following are targets, which the group has set to achieve as part of their work:

  • Exchange experiences among members about the AMORPH tool sets
  • Further develop the software according to the needs of the User Group members
  • Increase the ability to solve complex challenges
  • Engage and communicate effectively with stakeholders

Therefore, we are delighted to have spoken, not only about the successful work our users already turned into reality using our tools. Additionally, they also shared their vision on future topics to work on. This will help Amorph Systems to further develop its products along customer needs and expectations and enhance the portfolio towards multiple new use-cases in the industry.

The enormous positive feedback from all users showed, that Amorph Systems is on the right way setting new standards without losing the flexibility and uniqueness our customers value so much in the Amorph Systems products.

We are delighted that the group accepted all suggestions Amorph Systems presented for this group in the future and are looking forward to our next meeting to come.