Stuttgart, January 19th 2021.

As already established during previous years, we wanted to kick-off the new year with our annual user group meeting. The only difference in 2021 is not being able to hold the meeting onsite at one of the beautiful locations of our customers, but instead hosting a virtual event (safety first).

3rd User group meeting  Invitation
User Group invitation

This time the presentation of all our activities of 2020 was maybe a bit time consuming, but just so much happened on our end that we needed to talk about. All the aspects of how we started to help the industry with our solutions and our expertise as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic like:

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Evaluate the impact on Terminal capacity with our density simulation as part of PLANNING STUDIO
  • PASSENGER PREDICTIONS – Adjust your predictions based on COVID-19 figures with FLOW PLANNER
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY – Optimize resource allocation operationally to ensure passenger safety and service with FLOW OPERATIONS
  • CLOUD ENABLEMENT – Bring your flight and passenger data easily to the cloud using RUFUS
  • PASSENGER & EMPLOYEE SAFETY – Identify health check data and identify containment measures with IDCS
  • EQUIPMENT CONNECTIVITY – Ensure that all your assets and equipment is able to be integrated into your IT with SMARTUNIFIER

But we did not only develop new tools and features. We were also pretty active in communication and examined the challenges and opportunities of the pandemic with industry peers. As part of these conversations we also started writing a white paper focusing on different topics from planning to operations.

During the year 2020, Amorph Systems participated in and also presented webinars to support the aviation industry with fresh ideas and deliberations about the opportunities within the pandemic and how to manage the reboot phase.

Webinar activities in 2020
Webinars hold during 2020

In March we started with our partner VANTIQ to talk about different ways of health status detection as part of an Infection Detection and Containment System (watch the recording here). Then webinars as part of the Airport Council International (ACI) and Future Travel Experience (FTE) followed. Finally, we organized our own webinar with participants from Miami airport, Gatwick and Fraport AG, moderated by our partner VANTIQ (you can request a download here).

Following this, we also proudly presented our roadmap for 2021, which will in some areas continue tracks already started in 2020, but also contains new aspects to focus on. We don´t want to reveal too much, but some surprises will happen in 2021. One thing is already certain, we will put a strong focus on the collaboration between our two segments, i.e. aviation and manufacturing.


Therefore, one major focus will be the introduction of our highly successful application SMARTUNIFIER from the manufacturing unit of our company. The tool that enables shopfloor connectivity for manufacturing facilities like AUDI or Volkswagen by translating all types of equipment languages into usable information in an ultra-fast way.

The feedback of our user group was as always excellent and with all the fruitful conversation we are pretty sure to be on the right track to optimize our offerings even more.

Virtual User group Meeting via Teams
Virtual user group meeting

Nevertheless, we missed the social part, especially the evening dinner, which is normally the relaxing part and a good way to deepen our relationships. We will hopefully have this next year again.

Finally, we want to say just a big..