Advanced Airport Solutions by Amorph Systems
Passenger Flow Forecast
and Resource Planning

Amorph Systems at Passenger Terminal Expo 20-22 March 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden

Flow Analysis™ is a robust, highly available and scalable IT system for passenger flow and resource allocation analysis and management. Used for intra-day operations, it provides high accuracy passenger flow forecast (even reaching 98% linear regression fit accuracy) in a very fast execution time (computes under 1 minute full airport forecast for the next 24 hours).

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Forecasting™ records in the system database very detailed tracing information of each simulated passenger.
Out of this information, complex analysis statistics can be extracted:

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Featured client

Planning Studio™ planning solution optimally supports your daily work as an airport operations planner. Planning Studio allows you, between others, to evaluate changes in your terminal infrastructure in order to support the increasing number of passenger, determine optimal number, location and position of passenger process points, identify the ideal passenger flow to maximize your retail revenues, generate the long-term resource planning, identify optimal stand and gate allocation from the transfers point of view, etc…

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Some of the features

  • Long and short term forecast of demand at airport services
  • Predicts detailed passenger flow in all areas of the airport
  • Integration to existing control and monitoring systems
  • up to 98% prediction accuracy compared to reality
  • Up to 1 sec/h simulation speed
  • Increase capacity in critical service points
  • Change plane and bus transfer allocations to gates
  • Reroute passengers through less crowded areas

Passenger Flow Management

Daniel Zimbrich
Daniel Zimbrich
Team leader Passenger Control
Flight- and Terminal Management,
Airport Security
Terminal Operations

“This is a mission critical system that plays a vital role for the daily operational activities at Frankfurt Airport. A large number of users from various departments are relying on it for controlling their daily terminal operations. During the 2013 Summer season, with the highest passenger counts in Frankfurt Airport’s history, the peak days would not have been manageable without the continuously updating passenger flow online forecasts for all the process points.”

Daniel Zimbrich, Frankfurt Airport Terminal Operations, January 2014