Managing the constantly growing number of passengers requires optimization of airport infrastructure, which in turn requires the latest technologies.

Capital expenditure for IT solutions normally amounts to less than the investment in concrete, yet enables the optimization of the existing cost per square meter of a process point such as security, for example. For airports to provide passengers with the journey they expect, IT solutions must be built in a smart way, with the correct tools. High-quality predictions as part of planning and operational management of the terminal infrastructure are therefore key to successful optimization of resources. This avoids poor, cost-intensive planning calls for reliable information about future changes and their potential impact, which require demand-driven and continuously updated planning approaches.

Amorph Systems offers a full cloud-friendly and integrated solution that connects the various business units at the airport – It adds value through a linked planning procedure designed to guarantee the optimum plan that works for the entire process chain, not only for single units. also ensures that planners and operators can work in an intuitive environment using the latest machinelearning technology. is a cloud-based software solution for airports seeking simple and affordable IT capabilities. The out-of-the-box solution can be run by anyone, from anywhere, to better predict terminalrelated demands such as passengers, bags and visitors, for better planning of resources, including security, kiosks, border control and retail areas. has helped customers worldwide to better allocate resources, including staff for security, border control or check-in.

This article appears in the Passenger Terminal World / MARCH 2020

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