STUTTGART, Germany  — JUNE 30, 2020 — Amorph Systems announced today the development of a new application that will help airports digitalize their operations faster and will revolutionize the Aviation IT landscape

The solution is a cloud-based flight information system that uses open flight data sources to visualize in real-time all relevant airport information about flights, passenger numbers and resource availability. The solution is based on the already proven platform. The entire platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud technology and can be set-up for an airport within just one day; thus, being much faster and much more cost-effective to be installed than typical on-site installations. The solution can be further enriched with all modules like simulation capabilities to include social distancing and resource planning, predictive machine learning algorithms or an airport map for flight visualization. 

The system will allow airport managers as well as all other stakeholders to quickly react to all changes and grant access to their employees from all places, even when working from home. Additionally, RUFUS can be applied to large airport groups thus managing multiple airports under one roof, as the solution is able to show all information and KPIs in a single view. is a platform, that is already used globally by dozens of airports for planning, forecasting and managing passenger flows and airport resources. The new module RUFUS integrates real-time unified flight information in order to retrieve updates without the necessary connection to on-site airport systems.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, airports are, and will be for the next months ahead, under extreme cost pressure,” said Dr. Frank Frauenhoffer, managing director of Amorph Systems. “With our new application airports can act more flexible from where to operate and scale their IT spending’s better in line with their traffic and revenue streams. The optimization of costs, especially for IT infrastructure will be essential in the future.”

“Now, during the Corona COVID-19 outbreak, we needed to extract live passenger data in combination with predicted values. Together with Amorph Systems we acted quickly and had this feature ready in only a few days for all relevant parties at Helsinki airport to support daily operations for handling the current situation.”

Matti Lehto, Head of Process Development, Helsinki airport, Finland

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